PRE SALE CLOSED - TICKETS ON SITE @ OSTQUAI Hafenstrasse 25! !  #80 : DOWN TO EARTH April 15th – 16th 2023!

Friends, lovers, seekers and others , it is through research, science and ecstatic creativity that we shall celebrate and honor the 80 year jubilee of the discovery of LSD. For two days we will delve into the cosmos of contemporary psychonautics and look for ways to bring the knowledge, understanding and experiences back down to earth : Together with artists, therapists, and researchers, we will deepen our knowledge of consciousness, and explore ways in which through consciousness, we can live in harmony with the natural world.

Where does the journey go ? - from egoism to ecoism!






Discovering the manyfold ways of expanding consciousness through talks on current issues of the psychedelic renaissance, multimedia installations and performances, perception-expanding concerts, an artistic wellness retreat and a selection of art and craft creations ; all dedicated to the visionary language of LSD.

...with Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Christine Heidrich, Susanne G. Seiler, Dr Rosalind Watts, Ose Christina Hein, Zoë Dubus, Kali Carrigan, Wolf-Dieter Storl, Jeremy Narby, Jonathan Ott, Markus Berger, Roger Liggenstorfer, Hans Cousto, Dr David Luke, Stephan Schillinger, Martin Beddeleem, Mathias Bröckers, Dr Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking, and many other guests...

art works by Gerda Steiner und Jörg Lenzlinger, Irma Hirsl, Mayo Irion, Aura, Bahri Jacobeit, Carsten Höller, Anton Marty, Frederick Post, Organtempel, Silvia Studerus, Sharka Rey, Anu Cato, Delphi, Joëlle Kehrli, Olga Kokcharova, Misha Andris, ISI-SI & Lüsch, Caramelo Gabanna, Parco, Luc Müller, Ben Kaczor, Alain Meyer, ​Antoine Lechenne, Joel Olivé Cruz, Balout Crew, Trig Fardust, Bidi Biederman, Falsch Farben Generator, Neu Verboten, Journey to Gaia, Dreamstreet 18 Project, and many others...

The program


Saturday, April 15th

12h00 Opening doors
13h00 Opening Ceremony ORGANTEMPLE
16h00 - 16h00 ZEN SESSIN @ Datscha Ostquai Matthias Egon Seigerschmidt & Vanja Palmers with Ose Christina Hein, Joel Olivé Cruz & other guests

Talks @ Ostquai Main Stage : from egoism to ecoism ?
14h00 Dr Rosalind Watts "Accept - Connect - Embody"
15h00 Wolf-Dieter Storl 
“Das Wilde und die ungezähmte Natur unseres Seins,
Inspirationen durch Albert Hofmann”
16h00 Jeremy Narby "Talking about talking: thinking ourselves out of the mess we are in (and how psychedelics may help)"

17h00 - 17h30 Break

17h30 DOWN TO EARTH in memory of Christian Rätsch with Claudia Müller-Ebeling, Jonathan Ott, Markus Berger, Roger Liggenstorfer

19h00 WALKING THE WALK memorial performance


Evening program @ ORGANTEMPEL Stage


22h00 Joëlle Kehrli (Sitar)

23h00 LIVE SET Alain Meyer

24h30 ORGANTEMPEL feat. Joëlle Kehrli (voice & Tampora)

02h00 Antoinne Lechenne & Sil vain

03h30 DJ SET tba

05h00 END of Dayticket Samstag, Wellness Putzen, Ruhen, PAUSE


Evening Program @ Ostquai Main Stage

21h00 CONCERT lusus lunule lapilli (Olga Kokcharova/Luc Müller)

22h00 LIVE SET - Delphi

23h30 DJ SET - Ben Kaczor

02h00 DJ SET - Tanua

03h30 B2B Anu Cato & Neu Verboten

05h30 END of Dayticket


Sunday, April 16th 2023

-16h00 ZEN SESSIN @ Datscha


Tages Programm @ ORGANTEMPEL Stage

06h00 B2B ISI-SI & LüSCH
07h30 DJ SET Balout Crew
09h00 DJ SET El Queso
11h30  Daydance surprise B2B
13h00 B2B Caramelo Gabanna und Parco

14h30 Pause

15h00 The Hermit; or, a Latter-Day St Anthony entertains St Albert - Jonathan Ott

16h30 Ende


Tages Programm @ Ostquai Main Stage

11h00 Konferenz: Psychedelische Renaissance in Europa ?

Hans Cousto, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Drogengenusskultur (Berlin)
 Stéphan Schillinger, AFUSE (Strassburg)
 Zoë Dubus, SPF (Paris)
 Martin Beddeleem & Kali Carrigan, Psychelyon (Lyon)
 Dr. Ansgar Rougemont-Bücking (Vevey)

12h30 Dr David Luke: Psychedelic Perspectivism

14h00 Susanne G. Seiler: LSD in the Sixties’The Love you Take is Equal to Love You Make

15h00 Christine Heidrich: Navigation des Bewusstseins nach Ralph Metzner -
Wie man sichere Reisen ins Bewusstsein vorbereiten und durchführen kann. Vortrag und Workshop

16h00 Mathias Bröckers: Die Rückkehr nach Eleusis ?

17h30 Abschlussritual ORGANTEMPEL

18h00 Ende



Workshops on Sunday


11h-12h15 Self Care Ritual - Sharka Rey @ Reisebüro am Hafen, Ostquai

A warm welcome to all of you.
Self-care, as the name suggests, is all about caring for yourself to ensure that your physical, mental, emotional, and social needs are met. It is vital for building resilience toward stressors in life that you cannot eliminate. We all have our own individual strategies how to do that which might also change throughout our life course. If you feel that today slowing down through practice of breath-work, yoga, and water cleansing is the way to meet your needs, this ritual is for you.


14h-17h Ritual of Orgy and Play - Sharka Rey @ Reisebüro am Hafen, Ostquai

This workshop is led, structured and safer space based on framework of consent.
Concept & Facilitation: Sharka Rey (www.sharkarey.com)
Musical Ambience: Alain Meyer (soundcloud.com/oiox)

Same as psychedelics, historically speaking, orgy has been a ritualistic practice all around the world since centuries; in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India just to name a few. People engaged in orgy in order to make soil more fertile and more crops to grow, more rain to come, to salute to life and creation, to welcome summer solstice, and to celebrate pleasure, bodies and human sexuality.

I would like to invite you to celebrate sensuality, touch, pleasure, body diversity and your sexuality. I am aware of that orgy can be scary and intimidating however, it can be also transformative, bonding, playful, and sensual experience. This is a meeting of bodies. The bodies converse with or without touch. You do only what you want to do. You are also invited to step out and watch.

Orgy environment is extremely sophisticated learning site where one learns about own boundaries, verbal and nonverbal communication, how to say yes and no, how to respectfully give and accept rejection, and also how to get inspired. It can be triggering and simultaneously liberating.


Please note: This is an alcohol and other drug free space. If you are under influence of those substances you cannot participate to this event.



The program is regularly updated on this page


The gates will open on April 15th at 12:00 and close on April 16th 2023 at 18:00.

Please use public transportation - tram 8 in the direction of Weil am Rhein, stop Kleinhüniger Anlage. There are no parking spaces at the venue!

There are small public green areas by the river and the forest „Lange Erlen“ 30min walk away if you'd like to make camping.

There is seating in the conference room, however space is limited. The talks are in german or english.

No one will be turned away for lack of funds!

Please contact us before the start and we will find a solution together, in which we can find a fair energy exchange. Thank you for your fair support!

We look forward to seeing you all and spending inspired moments together!

Bicycle Day - 19. April 2023 - Become part of the psychedelic renaissance !


The program is regularly updated on this page !

contact: lsd80@eleusis-society.ch


We look forward to seeing you at the gates !

100.- CHF Saturday and Sunday
80.- CHF Saturday whole day
30.- CHF Saturday evening (20-08h)
30.- CHF Sunday day (08-18h)
250.- CHF sponsor ticket

and a Gaia Media membership can be purchased at the cash desk if you are interested...