A word about us

There are few substances, if any that have been more misunderstood than psychedelics. Not only has the image of psychedelics been tainted and the substances themselves demonized but consequently it has put a halt to these substances directly furthering the well-being of people and indirectly that of our planet.

If used in responsible and mindful way, psychedelics not only help us explore and understand consciousness, they will also lead to personal growth, enhance artistic & scientific creativity and serve as a potent medicine for debilitating psychological disorders such as major depression, PTSD or addictions.

We founded Psysoc now called Eleusis  in order to be one of the change agents hoping to help shift the collective perception from psychedelic substances being seen as dangerous and criminalized and instead be recognized as the positive potential and possibilities they can bring when handled with respect and openness.

Our ambition is to connect people from different fields for a better understanding & communication. We work as a network based platform for organizations, established research groups and individuals in Switzerland who are seriously interested in working together to evolve the psychedelic movement.

With the force of everyone we will be able to put the psychedelic substances in the light were they deserve to be. Thus the legalisation and practical reintegration of psychedelic substances into the public health system are two of our most important long-term motivations.

Now is the time to lay the foundations for a future which honors and encourages psychedelics, leading to less suffering, more self-awareness and ultimately awareness of our earth. We believe no matter how old you are, where you come from or what your academic status is, there’s no reason you can’t be part of us.